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Bumper Boats for Sale With High Quality You Can Buy from Beston Amusement . Bumper boat is a kind of popular water rides for amusement park, large swimming pools for outdoor or indoor activities that produced by professional bumper boats manufacturer. It is a kind of water amusement ride which kids or adults drive a small boat in the water and at the same time try to crash into each other for fun. Bumper boat is a kind of family ride in summer which is popular used in the lakes and river. Welcome to buy your bumper boats for pool now from Beston.

Quality bumper boats with battery operated

Battery Operated Bumper Boats

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Two Person Large Bumper Boats for Pool

Swimming Pool Bumper Boats

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Family Fun Water Cannon Bumper Boats

Water Bumper Boats for Sale

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Motorized Bumper Boats for Sale

Motorized Bumper Boats for Sale

Motorized bumper boats for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement Equipment - leading bumper boats manufacturer. Motorized bumper boat ...
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BBC-B Kids Water Bumper Boats

Coin-operated Bumper Boats For Sale

Kiddie rides especially the coin operated rides for kids are the most popular amusement rides in this amusement industry. Bumper ...
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Beston Water Bumper Boat For Adults

Adults Bumper Boats for Sale

Adults bumper boat is larger than the bumper boat for kids. It could contains one adults and one or two ...
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Beston Gas Powered Bumper Boats For Sale

Gas Powered Bumper Boats for Sale

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Small Bumper Boat For Kids

Kids Bumper Boats for Sale

Kids bumper boats usually adopt the injection boat body. Around the bumper boats body, there always wrapped some inflatable balloon, ...
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Combination of Bumper Boats for Sale from Beston Ltd.

We can usually see bumper boats in the amusement parks, water parks. The materials of bumper boats can be classified into two types. One is the bumper boat body and the other one is the materials around the body, these materials usually include inflatables, engineering plastic and fiberglass. Price varies for different models of bumper boats, you can consult our sales manager for price lists.

New Products from Beston – Bumper Boats

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Laser bumper boats with battery powered

Laser Bumper Boats for Sale

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Inflatable Duck Bumper Boat For Kids

Inflatable Bumper Boats for Sale

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Electric Bumper Boats for Sale

Electric Bumper Boats for Sale

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Classification of Bumper Boats for Sale In Our Factory

As for Bumper boats, some of them are driven by electric motors, some of them driven by gasoline engines while others need people to propel the craft by pedaling. Most are equipped with water guns for duels with other riders.

There are mainly three kinds of bumper boats for sale which is sorted by materials.

  • Inflatable bumper boats, this kind of bumper boats is cheaper than other boats, but please note you should avoid sharp objects.
  • Engineering plastic bumper boat which is made by quality plastic.
  • Fiberglass bumper boat which is more durable than the inflatable bumper boats.

Two Kinds of Bumper Boats Which is sorted by drive mode.

Other Bumper Boats Classification

  • Coin operated bumper boats, this kind of bumper boats mainly used at the amusement park, kids who want to play should carry some coins or exchange this money with the boats owner.
  • Laser bumper boats, this kind of bumper boats are mainly made of PVC and fiberglass. It is durable and gets more and more popular among kids.

Basic Parameters of Beston Bumper Boats

Name Diameter Power Speed Capacity
Electric Bumper Boats 1.9m 300w 15km/h 2
Motorized Bumper Boats 1.9m 300w 15km/h 2

There are two kinds of bumper boats which is sorted by age or size.

  • Kids bumper boats which is smaller in size, its load is smaller, it is suitable for kids. This kind of bumper boat always show us more appearance, animals shape bumper boats with dragon, duck or swan. Kids bumper boats are more attractive to kids.
  • Adults bumper boats which is larger in size, usually adults boat could carry one adult and one child.

Advantage of Bumper Boats For Amusement Park Business

  1. Novel appearance bumper boats which is more attractive to kids.
  2. Our bumper boats are easy to operate for kids and adults.
  3. Easy to maintain which need lower cost on these boats.
  4. Long life-span and durable-use battery for battery type bumper boats.
  5. It is a kind of water rides which is perfect for your inflatable or ground swimming pool, just like the paddle boats.
  6. Cost of bumper boats is lower than other large water rides, but they could make profits fast, most of amusement parks provide it in the swimming pools for hours.

Applications of Beston New Bumper Boats for Sale

Bumper boats could be used in the inflatable and fairground swimming pools, lakes and ponds in the amusement parks, carnivals, fairs, shopping centers theme parks and other sites that kids love. Bumper boats, hand paddle boat and paddle boats are perfect three water rides in the amusement industry.

About Beston Bumper Boats Inc/ Bumper Boats Manufacturer You Can Choose

If you want to buy bumper boats  for kids and adults use from a leading amusement rides manufacturer, just choose Beston. As a professional bumper boats for sale manufacturer, we have involved in this industry for more than 20 years, our inflatable bumper boats, plastic bumper boats even the fiberglass bumper boats has won lots of praises from our clients in Australia, Nigeria and other Asia countries. You are welcome to buy Beston new model bumper boats now! Welcome to our factory to choose your bumper boats!