2 Seater Electric Go Kart for Sale

This page mainly show you 2 seater go kart for sale from Beston factory. These new go karts, also called mini racing cars in our factory. It is a kind of racing games for people in the amusement parks, playground and even for some match. Except for 2 seater go karts, we also produce single seater go karts. Most of our go karts are powered by electric. These single or double seater electric go karts are smaller and has low output than the professional racing car. Electric and gas powered go karts are the most two popular type. But in our factory, we mainly produce the electric powered go karts.

Electric go karts for kids
BBK-W White Electric Go Karts for Sale

Technical Parameter:

Model: BBK-W
130*72*36 cm
Packing Size: 132*72*38cm
Working Time:  60 Hours
Weight: 28kg
Speed: 3-7km/h

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2 Seater Electric Go Karts for Sale
BBT-2A 2 Seater Go Karts

Technical Parameter:

Model: BBT-2A
Working Time:  60 Hours
Weight: 200kg
Speed: 3-7km/h
Color: Red, Blue, White, Black

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Features of Beston 2 Seater Electric Go Karts

  • Our 2 seater go karts for sale are cheap with factory prices. We are large amusement rides manufacturer.
  • These cheap 2 seater electric go karts are suitable for leisure use and for some beginners who want to be a professional racer.
  • Attractive & professional appearance & design for each go karts, excellent service, reasonable price and powerful energy output from Beston factory.
  • For these electric go karts with 2 seater, we have types of kids, adults and electric powered karts in stock. Mini size, medium and big models are available for you.
  • We will arrange production after your order & deposit and delivery your products in short time.
  • The minimum order quantity is one, but if your purchase more than 10 seats, we will give you a discount, factory price is cheaper than single car.
  • We have rich exporting experience and we will calculate the best shipping cost for you.

Structure of Beston 2 seater go karts is simple. They are easy to operate and maintain. These go karts are made of steel frame, steering system pedal, fuel tank(gas powered type), chain shield and seats. On the left, there is a brake, while on the right, there is a throttle. Passengers could drive these go karts easily. Also electric powered go karts really friendly to the environment. Some types of go karts with two seater has low chassis, only 4 cm from the ground. But some manufacturer could change this according to different requirement from customers.

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