Bumper Cars to Buy

When we begin to hold a new funfair, amusement park or theme park, we may consider to buy lots of amusement rides to fill up with our funfair and attract more visitors. Then bumper cars maybe the first one you are considering to buy for your business. As a large amusement rides manufacturer – Beston here will provide you many new bumper cars models.

If you need to choose new bumper cars to buy from Beston Company, here are several models you can choose:

Electric net bumper cars for sale

Electric Net Bumper Cars

Electric net bumper cars price are difference. There are two kinds of electric net bumper car in the factory of ...
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Kiddie Dodgem Cars for Amusement Park

Dodgem Cars for Sale

There are a handful of staples of that amusement rides have become more and more popular around every country, amusement ...
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Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

Want to buy battery bumper cars for sale from Beston Amusement? Go to get more information now! Battery operated bumper ...
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Electric Bumper Cars to Buy for Your Funfair

Electric bumper cars will attract more kids and adults, they are expensive than the battery bumper cars you can buy. For electric bumper cars, there are floor grid bumper cars and ground grid bumper cars.

Battery Bumper Cars to Buy for Your Business

Battery bumper cars are powered by batteries, they are different from electric bumper cars. Usually, one piece of battery bumper car will equipped with one or two batteries. If you need to get extra battery from our factory, we will give you discount.

Kiddie & Adults Bumper Cars to Buy for Your Park

Bumper cars can be divided into kids and adults models. Kid’s bumper cars has one seat while adult’s bumper cars are large and can be ridden by two passengers at the same time. Kid’s bumper cars are more cute and mini in size and appearance while adults bumper cars usually comes with normal shape and appearance.

Inflatable Bumper Cars to Buy for Your Business

Inflatable bumper cars are new to this industry, they are light to carry and more cheaply to buy for people who need to open bumper car business or just want to use in their home or yard. They are cheap and really popular and suitable for kids.

Water & Dry Bumper Cars to Buy from Beston

Water bumper cars, also called bumper boats, they are a little different from real bumper cars. Water bumper boats can be used in the water or ponds while dry bumper cars can be only used on the ground. Water bumper cars should be used on the water, they cannot be used on the ground.

Why U Need to Buy Beston Bumper Cars? What We Provide U?

Beston Amusement is a large bumper cars and other amusement park rides manufacturer in China. We have rich experience in designing, manufacturing and exporting new bumper cars to different countries. If you are looking for new bumper cars to buy Online, Choose Beston! We will provide you many different kinds of bumper cars and also provide you the best service for you!

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