Dodgem Bumper Cars for Sale

Bumper car is a group amusement ride for kids in the amusement parks, sometimes we also call it the dodgems, bumping cars and dashing cars. Bumper car for sale in the amusement rides manufacturer is a kind of flat amusement ride consists of several electric or motorized cars which draw power from the ground/ floor or the ceiling. These rides should be remote control by an operator.

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That’s means there are two kinds of electric net bumper cars, namely, ceiling grid bumper cars and ground grid bumper cars. The whole amusement equipment mainly include some bumper car cars and an indoor site for these bumper cars. There are power grid in the ceiling and floor, passengers could drive the electric or battery bumper cars freely in the bumper car sites. Bumper car bodies are made of quality rubber and draw power from the ceiling by the vertical pole which is attached with bumper cars. There are pedals for accelerator and steering wheel for changing direction in the bumper car rides.

Driving Rules of Ground Grid Bumper Cars:

Bumper car riders should try their best to finish its task (Make a circle around the site or drive across the whole site), of course, the main purpose of the rider is the bumper cars driven by companion or other riders. Riders could rampage and hit other rider’s bumper car to finish your task as soon as possible. But as for kids, it’s just a game in the amusement park, not a race, kids could crash into each other for fun. Time of ground grid bumper cars could be set before playing which is same with the electric or battery bumper car. All of this could be achieved by the remote control. A remote control could control dozens of bumper equipment. When time is up, operators could turn off the power to finish the whole game. Generally speaking, speed of dodgem bumper cars are low, but speed of ground grid bumper cars are faster than the custom cars. Regardless of the speed, colliding between bumper cars will not damage the car and hurt people because of its rubber tire.

Working Principle of Dodgem Bumper Cars/Power Supply of the Ground Grid Dodgem Bumper Car:

It is a kind of power supply network that is a combination of several strip conductors. This means people arrange some busbars on a big enough insulation board. Two neighboring busbars own opposite electrode, and each of them connect with power in a correct way. All of these processes are conducted on one ground grid bumper car plate. So installation and operation of the ground grid bumper car should be tight and then to guarantee a good working condition to the bumper car rides. When one object moves in a power supply network freely, they could draw powers or obtain electric signal by a sliding contact group. This strip power supply network could be applied to the amusement park bumper cars. And floor of bumper car sites which use this kind of power supply mainly paved by plate. This is the other reason for why we call it the ground grid bumper cars.

Classification of Bumper Cars:

There are many kinds of bumper cars online from the bumper car manufacturers. For example, power grid bumper bars (Ground grid bumper car, ceiling grid bumper cars), battery bumper cars, pedal bumper cars, handle bar bumper cars, steering wheel bumper cars, spin zone bumper cars, UFO bumper cars, vintage or antique bumper cars, water bumper cars (a kind of bumper car that is similar with the bumper boats, water bumper cars could be used on water just like the water bumper boats), electric bumper cars, motorized bumper cars or gas powered bumper cars and indoor bumper car.

Brief Introduction of Battery powered bumper Cars for Kids:

Battery operated bumper cars do not need special site, once charged, it could be driven by passengers. Generally speaking, material of battery bumper car chassis are plate which material of the surface are fiberglass.

Battery powered bumper cars adopt the environmental fiberglass, and its iron parts are painted by the quality paint. These bumper cars are equipped with advanced speakers, lights and timing. Battery power of these dodgems are 24V. Some of them are made of imitation animals, they are colorful, fadeless, environmental, anti-corrosion, stable, beautiful, novel and safe enough for kids. These battery power bumper cars can be applied to different places, amusement parks, theme parks, large squares, fairground sites and other outdoor activities. These kiddie electric cars are widely welcomed by kids who love amusement rides.

Best Bumper Car Rides Bodies from Beston/Materials of Bumper Car Cars:

Generally speaking, bumpy car bodies are made of quality fiberglass, reinforcements in the fiberglass are glass fiber, fiberglass are made of the molten glass, its main chemical composition include silica, alumina, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide and so on. The manufactured fiber comes in different sizes with filament or short wire. Diameters of these fibers varies from 3 to 80 microns. Tensile strength of 10 micron fibers is 3600Mpa which means it could withstand a 360kg tension, this tension is 2 times higher than the steel. That’s why bumper car manufacturers use the fiberglass as its making materials.

Amusement park bumping car is a high return amusement ride for amusement parks, park owners spend little on several bumper car rides, but they could get these money back in a short period. And dodgems cars could be used for indoor and outdoor activities, no matter what the weather is, bumper cars could working as usual.

There are many kinds of battery powered bumper cars for kids in the amusement rides markets, for example, spin zone bumper cars, UFO bumper cars, animals shape bumper cars and so on. We can say that bumper cars ranked 1st in the amusement rides industry with its types and shapes.

Parts of Parameters of Beston Bumper Cars:

Types Cheap Mini Bumper Cars Normal Mini Bumper Cars Cheap Large Bumper Cars Standard Large Bumper Cars
Size 105*105*65CM 105*105*65CM 130*130*75CM 130*130*75CM
Weight 50kg 60kg 66kg 76kg
Load 100kg 100kg 150kg 150kg
Battery 12V20AH*2 12V20AH*4 12V20AH*2 12V20AH*4
Working 270min 480min 240min 480min
Lights 47 group 47 group 47 group 47 group
Charger 1 2 1 2
Control system Manual switch and remote control Manual switch and remote control Manual switch and remote control Manual switch and remote control
Color Red, black, more Red, black, more Red, black, more Red, black, more

Details of the Ceiling Grid and Ground Grid Bumper Car Rides:

Power Grid Bumper Cars which can be divided into ceiling grid and ground grid bumper cars, these are two popular amusement park bumper cars for sale among passengers who loves to the amusement parks. As its name shows us, ground grid bumping cars means that these kinds of bumper cars mainly draw power from the floor and then make the whole equipment move around. Ground grid gets more and more popular in amusement rides industry. Ground grid electric bumper cars mainly powered by the two electrodes on the floor. Passengers drive these cars and crash into other passengers, so much stimulating a ride for fun! But here should mentions that ground grid bumper car rides connect with the floor directly by the conductive apparatus. This is hard to distinguish. That’s why we call it the ground grid bumper cars in the amusement rides factory.

Parameters of Ground Grid Dodgem Bumper Cars:

Size Voltage Electric current Power Speed Capacity Loading Weight
1.9×1.13×0.85m or others DC48V±8V DC7.5A 230W 6-10km/h 1-2 people 150kg 230kg

Drive Mode of Dodgem Bumper Cars:

Actually, according to the usage, safety, convenience and quickness of these dodgems, bumper cars can be divided into two categories, one is ground and ceiling grid bumper cars, the other one is the battery bumper cars. Of course, battery powered bumper cars are widely used in the amusement parks because of its convenience and lower cost. With the development of technology, bumper car manufacturer has designed out many kinds of new style bumper cars for amusement park use: Following are the difference between traditional bumper cars and modern bumper cars:

Modern Bumper Cars Traditional Bumper Cars
Derivative gear transmission, power saving Connected by motor directly
Contact with the ground indirectly, long life-span of the motor Contact with the ground directly, short life-span of motor
High speed of bumper car but circuit board is not easily broken Lower speed of the bumper cars but circuit board is easily broken
Digital control Simulation technology
Small volume of the circuit board which is easy to install Large volume of the circuit board which is hard to install
Advanced remote control system Hard to control all of the bumper cars
Charged within 3-5 hours and can be used for 8-10 hours Charged within 4-6 hours and can be used for 6-8 hours
Can be used on the cement ground and without fixed place Fixed sites, large investment

Beston manufacture different kinds of bumper cars which including electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, water bumper cars, ground grid and ceiling grid bumper cars, we also apply playground design, if you have questions of the bumper car and bumper boats business, welcome to contact us now! We will reply you in 24 hours.

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