Kids Bumper Boats for Sale

Kids bumper boats usually adopt the injection boat body. Around the bumper boats body, there always wrapped some inflatable balloon, these inflatable balloons are useful for the floating of the boats. Body of the kids bumper boats for sale usually adopt the animals shape as its appearance. Some of the bumper boats could be installed music box, kids could select the songs they like freely. These kids boats are all equipped with a steering wheel which is easy to operate by kids. This kind of kiddie water rides gets lots of attentions from little kids in Summer.

Small Bumper Boat For Kids
BBK-A Kids Bumper Boat


Model: BBK-A
Material: Plastic & 0.9 mm PVC
Capacity: 80 kg
Weight: 100kg
Packing Size: 1.5m*0.8m

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Kids Bumper Boat With Laser Equipment
BBK-B Laser Kids Bumper Boats


Model: BBK-B
Material: Fiberglass & 0.9 mm PVC
Use Time: over 7 hours
Speed: 7km/h-10km/h
Packing Size: 1.85m*1.85m*1.35m

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Kids bumper boat is different from the adults use bumper boat. These kiddie rides are small in size, novel in appearance. We could see ducks, swans or even dragon shape bumper boats, with these novel appearance, kids bumper boats get more and more popular among kiddie groups. There are many types of kiddie bumper boats.

Classification of Kids Bumper Boats For Sale:

There are mainly two kinds of kids bumper boats in Beston which is sorted by power. One is the motorized bumper boat for kids, the other one is the gas powered bumper boats for little child. Motorized bumper boats for pool in the amusement parks also refers to electric bumper boats. Electric bumper boat is cheaper than the gas powered boats. It is easy to operate for kids. Electric bumper boat is easier to maintain than the gas powered ones. Difference between these two bumper boats is that the electric bumper boat is environmental and substantial. Kids is a lively group, they love to play with each other in the water. That’s why we can also see some bumper boats with water cannons or lasers.

Features of Kids Bumper Boats In Beston:

  • Different animal shapes for these kids bumper boats.
  • Remote control function could be added to the boats.
  • Lots of songs in the music box will provide for kids.
  •  Varies of bumper boats are available in Beston Amusement.
  • Size and shapes of these boats could be customized by customers.
  • Beston electric bumper boats for kids could work for more than 8 hours continuously.

Application of Children’s Bumper Boats:

Bumper boat is a kind of popular amusement park rides. We can see these boats in the amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, other funfairs. We can also see them in the large squares, shopping malls, in these places, business owners could set some inflatable swimming pools, kids would be pleased with these fun activities.

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