There are many types of amusement equipment, such as luxury carousels, self-controlled aircraft, and marine vehicles, which can be seen in almost every playground. I believe there is a kind of amusement equipment that everyone must have played with: bumper cars. What styles of bumper cars? What are the differences between each type?

Bumper cars are a kind of motorized game facility. The equipment includes bumper cars and an indoor venue. The bumper car has an apron made of rubber around it.

It usually has a maximum of two people, pedals for acceleration, and a steering wheel. The bumper car body is generally made of FRP demolding. The reinforcing material in FRP is glass fiber. So what are the styles of bumper cars?

Bumper cars can be divided into Skynet, Ground network, and Battery bumper cars according to different power usage methods.

Bumper cars can be divided into ordinary bumper cars, cartoon bumper cars, flying saucer bumper cars, and inflatable bumper cars according to their appearance. Bumper cars can be divided into single and double bumper cars according to different occupants. The differences between each style are detailed below.

1) Skynet Bumper Car

Skynet bumper car is a kind of mobile amusement equipment. Skynet bumper car is a kind of bumper car. The power supply mode is a power supply network composed of strip conductors.

Several conductive strips and adjacent conductive strips have opposite polarities, and each conductive strip is connected to the same-named end of the power supply by an appropriate method. Skynet bumper car has a conductive rod connected to the conductive surface at the rear.

2) Ground Network Bumper Car

Ground network bumper car is a large bumper car suitable for use in squares or parks.

It is suitable for two people. The power supply method is a steel plate conductive plate on the ground.

3) Battery Bumper Car

As its name implies, the battery bumper car runs on batteries, usually two large batteries. Bumper cars have advanced audio, positioning, lighting, timing functions, etc.

Skynet bumper cars are colorful, do not fade, have environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability, beautiful, fashionable, good safety performance, adapt to a wide range of sites.

4) Cartoon Bumper Car

The power of the cartoon bumper car is a battery, with the appearance of a cartoon animal. It has a bear infested and bald head. It is very suitable to be placed on the mall square.

A Frisbee bumper car is a bumper car that looks like a flying saucer. It has two handles to control the front, back, left and right.

5) Inflatable Bumper Cars

Inflatable bumper car is a new bumper car with anti-collision strips for inflatable tires.

The above are a few different bumper cars, so what are the differences between bumper cars? The difference between bumper cars is that the power supply and appearance are different. Others, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, have remote control operations, and can be timed and lighted. There are many new styles of bumper cars. If you want to know more, you can contact Beston Team for more information!

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