Types of Bumper Cars in the Manufacturer of Amusement Park Rides

Do you love bumper car rides in the amusement park? When riding on this ride, you happen to be not alone and have fun with your friends. Bumper car, also called dodgems, bumping car or even dashing cars, is a kind of flat amusement ride which consisting of several small electrical cars, these cars keep drawing power from the floor or ceiling and then they will controlled by people remotely.

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Electric Net Bumper Cars

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Bumper Car’s Classification by Power Supply System:

Most of bumper cars are powered by electricity by using three types of power supply systems. They are ceiling grid bumper cars, floor grid bumper cars and battery operated bumper cars. Here is the details about these three bumper car types. Read on Now:

Electric net bumper cars for sale

Electric Net Bumper Cars

Electric net bumper cars price are difference. There are two kinds of electric net bumper car in the factory of ...
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  • The ceiling grid bumper car belongs to the electric net bumper car which mainly draws power or we can say current from the top (ceiling grid) by a hot rod and then the current will drives a motor in the body of bumper cars. Once the motor is activated by the current, it will drive the wheels to move and rotate through a belt, then ceiling grid bumper cars begin to work.
  • The floor grid bumper car also belongs to the electric net bumper car, but the main difference is floor grid cars draws from the conductive floor, there are two pieces of conductive brushes under the bumper car body, when it has been set properly, two of mounted opposite polarities strips will be covered. This make a complete circuit and this is how floor grid bumper cars works.
  • A battery powered bumper car is powered by batteries inside the car, the batteries are rechargeable and dischargeable. When the switch is on, devices in bumper car body forms a complete circuit.

Bumper Car’s Classification by Different Sizes:

  • Manufacturers produces three kinds of bumper cars by sizes, small, medium and large bumper cars.
  • Small version bumper cars, mainly designed for kids, they comes from different shapes, cartoon, animals shape or equipped with many beautiful decorations. They are attractive to kids and cheap than other two types of bumper cars.
  • Medium version is the most popular size for bumper car. They are hot-sale. While large bumper cars usually refers to the adults bumper cars, 2-seat bumper cars, they are large and can be sit 2 passengers at the same time. Large bumper cars are family cars, they are welcomed by family and usually ride by kids and their parents together.

Bumper Car’s Classification by Raw Materials:

Fiberglass bumper cars and inflatable bumper cars are popular in this industry. Among them, fiberglass are fun to ride and expensive than the inflatable bumper cars. Most of the large quality bumper car are made of fiberglass and they are popular used in the amusement parks and funfairs. But inflatable bumper cars are cheap, light and easy to use, they are attractive to kids.

Bumper Car’s Classification by Usage:

We have 1 bumper car in this category, water bumper cars. Water bumper cars, also refers to the bumper boats, can be used in the swimming pool, lakes and other water activities. Only this kind of bumper car could be used in the water while others are used on the ground.

Single & Double Seat Bumper Cars

Bumper cars also have different seating capacities in the amusement rides manufacturer. There are single seat bumper cars and double or 2 seat bumper cars which means some of smaller size bumper cars will only allow one person to ride while other larger bumper cars will allow 2 riders at the same time. The 2-seat bumper cars are deeply loved by lovers, brothers, sisters. Two of them could enjoy fun together. Each of the bumper car is equipped with a steering wheel and sometimes with a combination of an accelerator and brake.

These small electric dodgem cars are popular used at the amusement parks by people. Sometimes they are battery powered free from a fixed arena. Sometimes, they are electrically powered either from the top (ceiling) or the bottom (floor), bumper car rides for sale from the leading manufacturer are made to be safe and into different types. They usually surrounded by a large pieces of rubber. Different types of bumper cars are different in design, raw materials, color, shape, size and power or even voltage.

There are many companies who are selling bumper cars. So, in order to find the bumper car types you need, you should go through many different manufacturers that sell them. You will going to see inflatable bumper cars, battery or electric bumper cars, water bumper cars. If your goal is to purchase some of them, you can add brand new bumper cars to your existing bumper car business. You can also change some of them if your bumper car is old, some new bumper cars may be more attractive to kids in the funfair or carnivals.

Now that you know that the classifications of bumper cars is designated by capacity, materials, usage and how they are powered, if not, you can check Bestoncarousels.com/Amusement-park-bumper-cars-for-sale, or you can also use that information to find the ones that will work for you. Whether you have a new facility, an older one, or you are going to be able to get a great deal on one of these dodgem bumper car rides from Beston’s Website –bestonbumperboats.com/dodgem-bumper-cars-for-sale/.

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