How do bumper cars work? When you open a new funfair or amusement park, you may be confused on this. Here are the working principles of bumper cars from Beston Amusement Equipment; let’s get more information now!

The power supply of the ground-grid bumper car comes from the floor and the ground net.

The ground net bumper car rides mean that it to arrange several conductive strips on a large enough insulating plate, and the bumper car body has electrical contacts to contact the floor to obtain a link with the power source.

The motor power transmission of the bumper car adopts the mature technology which used in the current bumper car, and transmits the differential package to the rear axle to achieve the operation of the car.

The power-off protection device is built in, which effectively protects the line and the motor. When the bumper car vehicle collides, it will automatic power off, automatically restore power after releasing the pedal, prevent the motor from overloading, and have good protection for the motor.

The board can regulate the running time of the machine and automatically power off when it is time. The ground-floor type needs to be laid on the ground. The investment is relatively large, but the battery life can be kept running.

General Specifications of Bumper Cars

Luxury Shell: durable and durable, all-in-one glass steel.

Shell Material: 5-layer fiberglass cloth synthesis

Chassis Material: steel plate material (thickness 3MM, leading the industry 0.5MM)

Product Size: 1.9M * 1.1M (length and width)

Driving Speed: 150M/min (150 meters per minute) 3M/s (about 3 meters per second) Maximum load: 230KG

Brake Configuration: electronic brake, stop and stop

Strong Battery Life: battery for new energy vehicles

Safety Protection: car seat belt, Huashi anti-collision tire

Length of Use: 7-8 hours of battery power

Suitable Age: 5 years old or older (recommended for children accompanied by parents)

About After-Sales: motor replacement for one year, product lifetime after-sales maintenance.

More than the price than the quality, after-sales, factory direct sales, lifetime after-sales worry!

Main Components of Bumper Cars

The market’s general mechanisms of battery cars include shells, frames, wheels, motors, motherboards, marquees, controllers, foot switches, steering wheels, forward and backstage gears, etc. The three most important points are explained below:

One is the glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, which is cheap and very thin now, but because bumper cars often bump into and out, although the shell is not touched, but the expensive car shells are quite thick and of course very durable.

The second is the motor. The motor for a good bumper car is smart and not low in price. Generally, if the bumper car is driven to the wall, if the motor is still running, it will cause burnout, but a good motor will automatically stop running for automatic protection. To extend the life of the machine;

The third is the rack. It is recommended to visit the production process at several factories at different prices and take a look at the internal structure of the car. It is easy to find out whether their materials are real, whether the welding is professional, and so on.

Advantages of Beston Bumper Car

The bumper car adopts the latest rear axle integrated drive, which has low failure rate and convenient maintenance, effectively avoiding the problem of troublesome gear drive maintenance and high failure rate.

All FRP bumper car are made of automobile dust-free paint, the paint surface is smooth and delicate, the color is bright, durable and not easy to fade. In addition, the surface of the gel coat shell is scratch-resistant and scratched with water sandpaper.

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